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Exploring Revenue Raising Options

Why do we need to explore revenue raising options?

As the District’s school population has slowly grown, expenses have increased faster than revenues. For example, enrollment in one of our upcoming classes will increase by five students causing the District to consider adding an additional section. The revenue generated from these five students is much less than the cost incurred from adding the section. Although student growth is a great thing, it does come with a cost. Hawley Public Schools has been deficit spending since 2014, meaning expenses have been higher than revenues. Without addressing this deficit spending issue, the District’s reserves may be depleted over the course of the next three years.

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2017 Summer Recreation Information

Hawley Pool opens on Wednesday June 7 at 1:00. Pool hours will be: Mondays and Fridays 1:00-5:00, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays 1:00-6:00.

Drivers Ed 2nd Session July 31-August 4 & August 7-11, 9-12:00, HS Media Center


Hawley Public Schools is like many other school districts in the Midwest in that we are in dire need of bus drivers.  Many people believe that being a bus driver is a thankless and difficult job. At times it certainly can be difficult but it also has many rewards.

We are currently looking for drivers and are willing to help you become licensed for this position.  If your concern is not wanting to deal with students we may have an option that will address those concerns. 

To find out more about becoming a bus driver please contact ISD #150 Transportation Supervisor Chris Ellingson at 218-483-3316.