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Best in Show by Kate Gross

Hawley High School Art Students Compete at MSHSL Art Festival

It was another excellent showing by the Hawley High School art students at the regional Minnesota State High School League’s art show! The event hosted in New York Mills saw eleven Hawley High School art students participate in the April 3 event. The 18 entries from the Nugget artists represented the maximum number allowed for the nine categories. Each entry is adjudicated by three judges and the scores are then averaged.  Any art piece receiving a 16 or 17 received an Excellent rating.  Art pieces scoring 18 – 20 received a Superior rating. 

Read below to see who took top honors overall. It was a remarkable day for HHS!
Below is how the artworks fared:
Excellent (16 – 17)
  1. Katrina Goodhart – Excellent in Ceramics
  2. Leandra Nelson – Excellent in Sculpture
  3. Lauren Teigen – Excellent in Craft
  4. Karyssa Hovelson – Excellent in Mixed Media
  5. Bailee Carlson – 2 Excellent ratings in Media Arts
  6. Keely Cain – Excellent in Media Arts
Superior (18-20)
  1. Leandra Nelson – Superior in Media Arts
  2. Alex Bouton – Superior in Sculpture
  3. Lauren Teigen – Superior in Printmaking
  4. Lauren Teigen – Superior in Drawing
  5. Stephanie Crompton – Superior in Mixed Media
  6. Kate Gross – 2 Superior ratings in Drawing
  7. Kate Gross – Superior in Painting
  8. Gretchen Baer – Superior in Drawing
Best in Category (9)
  1. Kate Gross – received Best in Category – Drawing
  2. Alex Bouton – tied for Best in Category - Sculpture
  3. Lauren Teigen – tied for Best in Category – Printmaking
Finally, Gretchen Baer  tied for the People’s Choice Award for her drawing.  This is voted on by the students and teachers.
Kate Gross took home the Best in Show award with her drawing.   Best is show is the highest honor bestowed at the competition. 

2014 Science Olympiad Team

The Varsity Hawley Science Olympiad team places 14th at the state competition

On March 7 the Hawley Science Olympiad team traveled to Bethel University in St. Paul to compete in their sixth state competition. This year’s competition consisted of 30 varsity teams, many of them from the metro or other large MN cities. After a second place finish at the regional competition, the team was ready to prove they were the best from our region. This year’s varsity team consisted of Gary Altoff, Paige Mattfeld, Isaiah Klingfus, Porter Ludwig, Olivia Rasmussen, Jordan Holleman, Skyler Johnston, Sean Meyer, Carly Erickson, Grant Klevgaard, William Bauer, Ryan Sprenger, Josh Wolbeck, and Mikayla Cook.
After an amazing effort, the Hawley Science Olympiad team placed 14th, the best from our region and the second highest placement since the beginning of the program! Hawley finished with 12 events in the top half and 3 in the top 5. Isiah Klingfus and Josh Wolbeck finished third in Elastic Launch Glider while Courtney Cook and Mikayla Cook placed first in Write It, Do It (the first time Hawley has ever placed first in a state event).
“I was nervous throughout the competition, the students were disappointed in some of their performances and I was hoping for a top 20 finish,” stated coach Gunkelman. He went on to say, “I was extremely proud of my students when we ended in 14th and received third place in the glider event and first place in Write It, Do It. This is a great finish to the year and I hope the students understand what a great job they did.”
 The students competed and placed in the following events:
2014 State Science Olympiad Results
Event Place Participants
Anatomy and Physiology 27 Isaiah and  Paige
Astronomy 21 Sean and Porter
Boomilever 5 Isaiah
Bungee Drop 11 Josh and Paige
Chemistry Lab 23 Olivia and Porter
Circuits Lab 18 Jordan and Skyler
Compound Machine 12 Grant and Ryan
Designer Genes 25 Will and Jordan
Disease Detective 27 Grant and Isaiah
Dynamic Planet 23 Josh and Will
Elastic Launch Glider 3 Isaiah and Josh
Entomology 6 Cortney and Mikayla
Experimental Design 24 Grant, Isaiah, and Skyler
Forensics 7 Paige and Olivia
GeoLogic Mapping 20 Courtney and Will
MagLev 14 Gary and Skyler
Material Science 13 Porter and Jordan
Rocks and Minerals 13 Cortney and Mikayla
Roller Coaster 10 Skyler and Isaiah
Scrambler 16 Gary and Josh
Technical Problem Solving 23 Sean and Ryan
Water Quality 12 Will and Ryan
Write It Do It 1 Mikayla and Courtney