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2015-16 Bus Routes

Below are the 2015-16 bus routes.  Each route is listed in stop time order. After the first week of school time adjustments may be made due to the number of students riding.  Route 5 AM
Route 6 AM
Route 7 AM
Route 8 AM
In-Town Daycare/Multi
Route 1 PM
Route 3 PM
Route 4 PM
Route 5 PM
Route 6 PM
Route 7 PM
Route 8 PM


The Online Activity Registration is now available!

This year Hawley High School will be using an online registration process for Activities. There will not be a meeting the week before practices start as there has been in the past.

Following are instructions to using the Online Activity Registration site and the link to the site.

Instructions for using the On-line Activity Registration program.
  1. Decide whether you want to pay activity fees with CC or by check/cash.
    1. If paying by CC you will need to select the proper link as listed.
      1. You will need to know your school store login or your information will not be stored. At the finish it asks you to login to your school store account (same one you pay for lunch online).
    2. If paying by check/cash you will need to select the proper link as listed.
      1. You will not see a fee amount when using this link.
      2. You will need to come to the school and pay your fees before your activity starts by check or cash.
      3. You will however be able to fill out all the proper paperwork online.
  2. You will need the following information to be able to fill out the forms and submit.
    1. Health Insurance information for the student, including date of activation.
    2. Doctor name and phone number
    3. Dentist name and phone number
    4. Preferred Hospital and phone number
    5. Last sports qualifying physical date. If it was done one or two years ago and is on file in the HS office call 218-483-3555
Online Activity Registration link

Currently the physical form for this year is on the Activities Page. You can print this out and take it to your doctor or use a form the doctor has. You will be able to bring that in or scan it into the new Activities Registration site that will be up next week.

Fall Start Dates:
9-12 FB Aug 10
7-8 FB Aug 24
9-12 VB Aug 17
7-8 VB Aug 24
7-12 CC Aug 17

There will be a 7-12 Volleyball Coaches, Players, and Parents meeting on Tuesday Aug 11 at 7:00 pm in the HS. Come to the new commons and you will be directed to meeting room.