Health & Wellness

  • Hawley Public Schools employs one Licensed School Nurse (LSN) district wide. The Elementary and HS office staff will be responsible for your child's health needs when the nurse is not available. 

    The Licensed School nurses provide a variety of services, including health screenings for vision and hearing, immunization review, administration of daily medications to students and providing basic first aid and care of illness. The Licensed School Nurse develops individualized health plans for those students who have specific medical needs and who may require medical attention during the school day. The school nurse strives to maintain, improve, and promote good health for students.

    During COVID-19 our District Nurse, Addie Harms, is deemed our COVID coordinator. 


    School Medication Authorization Form

    Immunization Form


  • Addie Harms

    Addie Harms RN, BSN, PHN, LSN
    Hawley & Spring Prairie School Nurse

    Hawley Public Schools
    915 7th St, PO Box 608
    Hawley, MN 56549
    218-483-3316 ext, 3129