At the July 23, 2012 School Board meeting it was passed to eliminate some in-town bus stops.
A  6 block boundary was implemented.  Those students who live within these
6 blocks are not eligible for transportation.

Transportation is offered to and from school for those students who reside outside the school's 6 block boundary or to students who must cross an area identified as a traffic hazard to and from school.

All students who ride a bus must have their Bus ID tags visibly on their backpack.

Rural students who reside in the Hawley School District area are automatically registered for transportation. A bus ID tag can be picked up in the Elementary or High School offices.

Those students who are eligible for In-Town transportation need to complete a Transportation Request form. This form can be picked up in the school offices or printed from the above link. This is necessary to provide a list of students who are being bussed by In-Town transportation.

Only those students assigned to a bus route may ride that bus.

Students who will be attending sleepovers, parties, or going to a friend's house after school are not authorized to ride a bus. Parents need to make other transportation arrangements.

Transportation requests for open enrolled students will be reviewed on an individual basis

Bus drivers are instructed to wait 30 seconds at each bus stop. Students should be waiting at their stop 5 minutes prior to their scheduled pick up time.

If your child will not be riding the bus in the morning, please notify the school offices prior to your scheduled pick up time.

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