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Community Focus Groups
 on April 12, 2019

The results of the District Focus Groups and Survey are included in this article. The District values the input from the public and will work through a process to address the concerns that are addressed. The process will include Administrative review, board work session and input from each buildings leadership teams (MEEP Teams) as we work to develop the District Goals for the 19-20 school year. A future document will include areas that the District has addressed from past Focus Groups and surveys. If you have any questions related to the results please do not hesitate to contact Superintendent Jensen.

School Bus Cameras
 on April 12, 2019

With cameras now available on some buses, and with our camera system in both buildings, the following addition to the student handbooks was recently approved by the school board:

Students should be advised that the high school/elementary and some buses utilize video surveillance equipment an there will be instances the images captured by this equipment will be utilized in various capacities. Data collected is the property of ISD 150 but may be shared with law enforcement or other entities when it is deemed prudent to do so. Data will, when necessary, be used in disciplinary situations and to determine participants in various matters. Data will not be shared in a frivolous manner with any agency or persons outside of the district.

Independent School District #150 Meal Policy
 on April 12, 2019

To review Hawley School District's policy on unpaid meal charges, please follow the link below.
Unpaid Meal Charges Policy

District Revenues and Expenditures
 on April 12, 2019

To view the FY18 and FY19 District Revenue and Expenditures Report, click on District Office at the top of this page, once there go to Downloads in the left menu area.

Here you will find the report and the Minnesota Report Card for 2018.

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