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Hawley High School HVAC Improvements

This past summer the School Board voted in favor to upgrade the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system for the High School Gym and Old Commons area.  A majority of this system is from the 1967 building with some of the system being upgraded during the 1997 project.  This system was looked at when we bid the 2014 project but was not in the final budget numbers.  All of the controls for this system are pneumatic and the software to operate these controls is no longer supported and we have run out of band-aids to keep the system operational.  The District has entered into an agreement with InGensa, Inc. to handle all of the design, bid specifications and construction management of this $2.7 million project.  The project is nearing the end of the design phase with hopes of going out to bid in December with construction to take place during the summer of 2020.  The  major components of the project will be new fresh air handlers, heat exchangers and dehumidification for the gym, old commons, vocational wing and other parts of the building that were not addressed in the last building project.  The District will be using a combination of funding sources to pay for these improvements including:  $500,000 from our General Fund reserves, borrowing against future Long Term Facility Maintenance Revenue (state funding) and borrowing as part of an Indoor Air Quality project.  We have worked closely with our financial advisors in order maximize our state aid and to minimize the impact on you, our tax payers.   We have recently sold 2 bonds to cover the costs associated with this project – 1 for 15 years and 1 for 10 years with the larger bond being for the 15 years.  In the end the impact for a $175,000 residential homestead will be approximately $12.68 per year while a $250,000 residential homestead will be approximately $17.18 per year.  Because of the new Ag2School Tax Credit enacted by our legislature the ag land owners will see either a slight decrease or a tax neutral impact.  Our recent sale of bonds was approximately $250,000 below projections as bond rates are very favorable at this time.  We now keep our fingers crossed that our bids will come in lower than projected as well.  If you have any specific questions regarding this project please do not hesitate to contact the District Office and speak with either Superintendent Jensen or Finance Office Blake Stoltman.


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