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Letter to Parents and Community

Dear Parents and Community Members,

First of all, I want to say thank you for your patience and cooperation as we have started the 2020-2021 school year in a very positive and productive way.  The staff of Hawley Public Schools takes the safety and well-being of your children to heart.

The 2-week Clay County Covid-19 index numbers were released earlier today and it stands at 36.78, which by itself would indicate that we would need to change learning models.  Fortunately, that number is only one of many indicators that we look at each week.  Our Administrative Team works with a Regional Response Team, Clay County Public Health and Minnesota Department of Health along with other professionals in determining which learning model is best for each of our buildings.  I am happy to report that at this time we will NOT be changing learning models at any of our sites as those numbers are not reflective of the number of positive cases in our district. 

Your kids have done a tremendous job of following all of the protocols that we have in place to help protect them while they are in school.  Some of our neighboring districts have had to change learning models due to much higher numbers of students and staff that have been exposed to Covid -19.  These districts are finding that these exposures are taking place in social settings and many of those in quarantine have not practiced social-distancing or wearing of masks in these settings.  I plead with you to encourage your children to practice these simple preventative measures at all times for the simple fact that we want the kids here in school.  The old saying of “it takes a community to raise a child” is so relevant during this pandemic.  We are doing what we can at school, but we also need you as parents and community members to help us keep our kids in school.  Personal views aside, we ask that you help us promote social distancing and the wearing of masks for the simple reason that we all know having kids in our buildings IS the best way for them to learn.

Again, thank you for your support and cooperation as we travel through this pandemic.



Phil Jensen


Hawley Public Schools


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